The mortal remains of what used to be
The Willington Web Site


I set up a web site for the village of Willington, Derbyshire in the early years of the internet, mainly as a useful purpose for the webspace I got with my then ISP. However, after years of uforgivable neglect, I had to face the fact that I was never going to be able to maintain it as the “community site” it was intended to be. The degree of attention and interaction required is something I couldn't sustain. Besides, the Net has moved on phenomenally since the site first went live with resources such as Facebook fulfilling the role I envisaged for it.

Despite its moribund state, the Willington Web Site still gets many visits each month! This is primarily due to the power station ‘micro site’. Consequently, I plan to keep these pages on line, as well as the Blue Bus page, as that is a special part of the village’s history too!

A new Willington Web Site was set up by Graham Astle and some of my old content was transferred over. However, even that site has been consigned to digital history.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch over the years, and I hope that my lack of time to even reply to emails sometimes will be forgiven.

Oh, and one more thing... No, I don't know when the cooling towers will be demolished!

UPDATE -- November 2016

In August 2016 a planning application was submitted to South Derbyshire District Council resulting in permission to demolish the five cooling towers of Willington ‘A’ & ‘B’ stations being granted. The notice indicated that the demolition would take place between January and June 2017. In mid-November 2016 contractors moved onto the site and replaced the perimeter fence and restored the access from the A5132 for heavy machinery. Preparatory work on Willington ‘C’ seemed to be beginning.

Then again...

Nothing at all substantive happened. Apparently, the owning company was bidding in an energy supply auction... but didn't win. That meant it wasn't economically viable for them to advance any further with Willington ‘C’ at that time. The diggers and workers disappeared. Presumably there will be another auction in the future? Whatever the holding company that owns the site happens to be called by then will (probably?) bid again and (maybe?) they will be successful. Then again, maybe they won't? Watch this space.

The Willington Web Site closed down on 11AUG2007.

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